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If you have hearing loss, you may not be aware of it, especially if it has happened over time. Your family members or friends may notice that you’re having trouble understanding what others are saying. At Surgical Associates Northwest we handle everything from hearing loss and vertigo to external ear canal problems and Tinnitus. You won’t get better one-on-one care from any other ENT surgeons than Surgical Associates Northwest in Federal Way and Auburn, WA.

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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a sudden or gradual decrease in how well you can hear. Depending on the cause, it can be mild or severe, temporary or permanent.

Vertigo and Balance Disorders

Although dizziness can occur in people of any age, it is more common among older adults.

Ear Infections

While ear infections are much more common in children, there may be an underlying cause for repeat or chronic ear infections that need to be treated.


Many people experience an occasional ringing (or roaring, hissing, buzzing, or tinkling) in their ears.

Ear Tubes

Ear tubes are often recommended when a person experiences repeated middle ear infection (acute otitis media) or have hearing loss caused by persistent middle ear fluid (otitis media with effusion).

Hearing Aids

Understanding the options of hearing aids available can help to make the process of choosing one easier and help to assure the one you select will best meet your needs.

Other Services and Procedures

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