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Sinus infections are often treatable with non-surgical methods, but you might need to consider surgery if you have severe or chronic sinus pain. Our sinus specialists at Surgical Associates Northwest, in Federal Way and Auburn, Washington, have exceptional skills and experience using advanced surgical techniques to treat chronic sinus infections. Besides endoscopic sinus surgery, they excel in performing minimally invasive procedures to prevent recurring sinus infections. Patients from surrounding areas of Kent, Puyallup, Renton, and Maple Valley, drive to our ENT clinic in Auburn and Federal Way to get relief from the painful symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Call our office at (253) 833-4050 Surgical Associates Northwest, today.

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When is Sinus Surgery Needed?

Your sinuses are air-filled cavities in your face that produce mucus to help keep your nose moist. The mucus produced by your sinuses also traps the germs, dirt, and dust, that are inhaled when you breathe in through your nose. 

Because they are part of your immune system, sinuses are also susceptible to inflammation and swelling that may lead to sinus problems. 

When you visit Surgical Associates Northwest for a sinus consultation, the team conducts an in-depth evaluation to determine the best treatment for you. In most cases, surgery is only recommended by your sinus specialist after conservative treatments, such as medications, fail to alleviate symptoms.

Some of the sinus disorders that benefit from surgical intervention include:

  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Damaged sinus tissue
  • Polyps, or benign growths
  • A structural abnormality that affects sinus drainage

The goal of sinus surgery is to help you breathe better by improving the structure and function of the sinus cavity.

Sinus Surgery

If your sinus symptoms persist despite medication, sinus surgery may be an option. The goal of surgery is to enlarge the inflamed or blocked sinus airways in order to increase airflow and reduce the potential for infection. Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeons look inside the sinuses through the nasal opening using a small instrument, called an endoscope. They enlarge the sinuses by removing inflamed bone and tissue that block the airflow and passages. This permits the sinuses to drain more naturally, prevents the accumulation of pus and mucus, and reduces infection.

While surgery provides benefit to many patients, inflammation and scarring can take place, diminishing the impact of surgery or causing symptoms to return.

The PROPEL® sinus stent is clinically proven to improve the results of sinus surgery.  The PROPEL stent is placed at the time of surgery and delivers anti-inflammatory medication directly to the sinuses. This reduces the need for additional post-operative surgeries and oral steroids.1  

Please click the PROPEL sinus stent link in the navigation menu to learn more.

Sinuses - Healthy

Healthy sinuses with normal drainage

Sinuses - Sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis blocks the drainage

Sinuses - After Surgery

Sinus surgery restores the natural drainage



1. Kennedy DW, Wright ED, Goldberg AN. Objective and subjective outcomes in surgery for chronic sinusitis. Laryngoscope. 2000; 110(3):29-31.

The PROPEL sinus implants are intended for use following sinus surgery to maintain the sinus openings and to locally deliver a drug to the sinuses: PROPEL for use in the ethmoid sinus, PROPEL Mini for use in the ethmoid sinus and frontal sinus opening and PROPEL Contour for use in the frontal and maxillary sinus openings. The products are intended for use in patients ≥18 years of age. These products are not intended for people who are allergic to the drug (mometasone furoate) or to certain polymers. Safety and effectiveness of the implant in pregnant or nursing females have not been studied. Risks may include, but are not limited to, pain/pressure, movement of the implant (within or out of the sinus), possible side effects of the drug, infection, and nose bleed. For more information on the risks and benefits of PROPEL sinus implants, please talk to your doctor. The FDA approved labeling can be found at Rx only.  

INTERSECT ENT and PROPEL are registered trademarks of Intersect ENT, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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How long is recovery following sinus surgery?

Recovery following sinus surgery depends on your need for surgery, the type of surgery performed, and your overall health.

When possible, the nose and sinus specialists at Surgical Associates Northwest use minimally invasive techniques to reduce your recovery time. In general, recovery following sinus surgery may take 1-3 weeks.

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The sinus specialists at Surgical Associates Northwest, in Federal Way and Auburn, Washington, are here to help with chronic sinus issues. Because of our expertise, patients from surrounding areas of Kent, Puyallup, Renton, and Maple Valley, drive to our ENT clinic to get relief from sinus symptoms. Call our office at (253) 833-4050 to schedule a sinus surgery consultation today!

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