Author: Surgical Associates Northwest

8 Simple Solutions to Hearing Loss

When someone cannot hear properly, they can be thought of by others as rude or standoffish if they don’t answer a question or provide a comment on the conversation. There are many reasons someone may suffer hearing loss, such as their age, having been in combat, or an illness when they were young. Fortunately, many mild hearing issues can be easily treated by the specialists of Surgical Associates Northwest.

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Does My Child Need To See An ENT?

Well, kids are kids. They jump in mud puddles, come home with scratches, bumps and bruises, and sometimes with a runny nose and a sore throat. Their pediatrician, or mom, can handle most of the scuffs and bruises, but if the runny nose and sore throat become a more common occurrence, a specialist might be needed. Does your child need to see an ENT? Let’s look at some of the common reasons when it would be beneficial.

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